Concrete Flatwork

Flatwork includes all concrete work located along a horizontal plane. This includes indoor projects like floors or concrete stairs, as well as outdoor elements like patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Concrete flatwork does not refer to vertical structures like walls or bridges. These two types of concrete work are generally divided in this manner because of the difference in skills and techniques required to successfully complete each type.
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JMG Site Work is a full service civil construction company with experience in Federal, State, County, Commercial, and Industrial projects. JMG concrete performs site preparation, earthwork, surveying & layout.

Safety for our company is of the utmost importance. JMG is dedicated to getting everyone home safe at the end of every day. Our training and instruction includes identifying and overcoming the various hazards to each construction project. JMG employees work hard to provide an incident and injury free work environment for everyone. Employees are responsible and held accountable for their own safety and safety of others.



Client goals and expectations are never compromised when you hire JMG Concrete. We offer years of practical field experience to make your vision a reality. From our closely monitored concrete mix designs to our first class equipment and forming systems, no detail goes unnoticed.

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Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete is the flagship of decorative concrete and is used throughout residential and commercial applications in all types of architecture and design. 
Driveways, patios, sidewalks and pool decks are common applications where freshly placed concrete is colored and imprinted to look like slate, brick cobblestone, tile, etc.
A wide variety of seamless and patterned textures are available upon request. Slate textures, brick, wood and other designs are colored from color charts or custom made for your project. Let us help you in your choice to make your project the best.


saw cut services, trucking and hauling services.

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